Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cher and Cher-alike

Cher Lloyd is an anagram of Old Cheryl

Leaving on a jet plane

I love to travel and here are some of my favourite places that I have visited.
St. Pauls Square - Venice
 Central Park - New York
 Phi Phi Island - Thailand
 Auckland - New Zealand
 The Perinthian Islands - Malaysia/Borneo
 Whistler - Canada
 Sydney - Australia
I am in love with London but on my list for future trips is Japan, L.A., Fiji, South Africa, Iceland, Cuba, Russia, Mexico, India....

Kiss Me Kate

The final Kate Moss collection for Topshop

In the Grey area

I am obsessed with Grey nais

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

As i ponder my own Halloween costume...

i stumbled across a LOT of pets who had the occassion sorted and couldn't resist sharing this
I am a big fan of the Sausage dogs.
Happy Halloween!